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Lady Dinos ground the Hawks

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Brittany Pollastro and Morgan Warburton battle two North Sanpete Hawks for the volleyball which lingers above the net. Pollastro and Warburton combined for 18 blocks to lead the Dinos to their third win of the season.

The Carbon High Lady Dinos continued their winning streak Tuesday evening as they hosted the North Sanpete Hawks. After competing in their first home game of the season with a victory over the Emery Spartans last week, the Dinos were determined to advance in the class 3A standings by scoring their second win of the season.

This is exactly what Carbon did as they defeated the Hawks 15-4, 15-13. Although the win advanced the team to a 3-0 record for the season, the win didn't come easy in the second game of the set.

After the Dinos swept the Hawks in the first game by holding North Sanpete to only four points, the Hawks rallied in the second game and gave the Dinos a challenge.

The Dinos opened up the second game strong and found themselves ahead of the Hawks 13-9. Then North Sanpete came from behind to even the score.

As the crowd erupted over several calls, the Dinos regained control of the game and dished out the final two points to win the set.

Possession of the ball bounced back and forth several times before the Dinos were able to soar past the Hawks for the win. The level of play was intense and the action was fast paced. Both teams played with precision and for several minutes, it seemed as if the game would last for an eternity with neither team claiming a point.

The Dino gymnasium was full of excitement as the Carbon fans cheered on their Lady Dinos. This lit the fire within the Dinos who remained calm and outplayed the Hawks.

Dino middle blockers Brittany Pollastro and Morgan Warburton combined for 18 blocks to lead the team to the Region 8 win.

Next up on the Dinos schedule is Lehi. Carbon will travel north Thursday to take on the region eight team and the Dinos don't plan on returning home without a victory.

Currently, the Dinos are ranked in second place in the class 3A standings behind last years state champion Morgan. Although the Dinos are ranked second, this does not bother the team. Carbon feels that the talent the team possess this year could easily lead them to a state championship.

As the team continues to fly through the season, the Dinos will turn heads and prove that they are the best team in the 3A division this year.

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