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County planning, zoning panel approves permits

Sun Advocate writer

The county planning and zoning commission conducted a special meeting on Aug, 11 to recommend a conditional use permit to allow OSO Oil and Gas to install an a mine treatment plant at the company's existing facility.

Mike Griffith of OSO indicated at the meeting that the company has been collecting methane from the Aberdeen mine and is purifying it to sell.

The company has been shipping what it extracts to a facility that can't handle the volume and thus would like to install the new treatment plant at Emma Park processing facility.

"The plant will vent nitrogen into the atmosphere and the H2S will be processed so that its no longer H2S," said Griffith.

A second permit request involving a gravel pit on Old Wellington Road from Scamp Excavation was tabled until Aug. 18. The pit is expected to operate for about six to eight months and would take 50,000 yard of gravel away.

The item was tabled because the location is in the middle of a residential area and could possibly cause problems with residents.

The board also approved an extension for the final approval for the Scofield Shores Condominium project.

The development project is located near the Scofield Reservoir.

According to the public hearing draft the project is intended to build new condominiums near the reservoir, but many specifications and other concerns are still under consideration.

For further detains on the project, local residents with Internet access may visit the Carbon County website.

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