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Letter to the editor: Health care access to bank accounts



All my life I have been reminded that if something is not broken then don't fix it. I have been in a number of places around the civilized globe, and every time upon coming home find that we still have the best health care in the world.

In Australia I had need to get my incisors fixed. On the way over there I managed to break one of them in half. I found that the quality of care was just not available. I finally found a visiting teacher in the dental hospital who managed to do an excellent job after I had experienced 3 failures. The teacher was there to help the prospective Australian dentists see how things should be done. He was from North Carolina. While I was there for my 2 year fellowship I managed to have 2 more children added to my family. The women's hospital was housed in the former WW2 US military hospital building in Melbourne. The labor room had 30 beds and zero privacy. The whole experience was the worst that I had ever been through with delivery of any of my children.

On the Navajo reservation in Northern Arizona we soon discovered that if there was any problem to be solved, the first thing to be tried was to "throw money" at it. The medical care is hard to come by and very expensive if you happen to be non Native American. Medical care for the other patients is covered by "Government funds," and the clinics charge to the maximum. A simple office visit for help with a cold was over $150, and that was 20 years ago.

Health care here may seem to be high (and it is more than it ought to be due to several greed factors), but try matching your health costs to some places with government health plans. Are you prepared to pay OVER 50% of your income into that kind of care?

I was not too worried about the Obamacare plan. I knew from my own experience if it passed that the cost would go drastically up, the wait for service would be longer, and the quality would go way down. The thing that gave me chills of fear was finding that the government would have 24/7 live electronic access to my bank account if his health care bill passes.

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