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The Wasatch Behind: Take Back Utah and rights

Guest contributor

At the Take Back Utah rally last Saturday, people were there from all over the state. The parade was two and three vehicles deep and it stretched for more than seven city blocks. Hundreds of jeeps, ATVs, motorbikes, pickup trucks, horse trailers and dune buggies followed state street to the capital building. There were farmers, ranchers, loggers, and even a big Savage coal truck in the parade. But mostly it was made up of weekend recreationists, families and sportsmen. There were flags, signs, provocative T-shirts and lots of anti-government sentiment to go around. Carbon County was well represented, thank you Joan Powell.

After the parade there was a big get-together on the capital steps. There were speeches, music, and lots of networking and socializing between like-minded people and organizations. In case you never noticed, there's a lot of anti-wilderness, anti-government and anti-SUWA sentiment in Utah.

So now that the big rally is over, what else can we do? We've got to turn our focus on Congress and change the culture in Washington. I learned a long time ago that you can't heal a disease by treating the symptoms. You've got to go to the source of the infection. Does multiple-use of public land even matter when our government is bankrupting the national treasury, ignoring the constitution, disregarding the will of the people, allowing chaos on our borders, shutting down whole industries (coal and oil) and sending millions of jobs overseas? Closed roads and too much wilderness are only symptoms of a bigger problem.

I've attended two of these rallies in the past few months and I can tell you that people are mad. There is a groundswell of anti-government opposition growing in this country like nothing I have ever seen before. You can see it at the town hall meetings on health care.

Look closely at the people who are speaking out. They are middle-class, middle-aged and ordinary folks. They are people who have given their lives working, serving, and building up this country. They are people who live by our laws and faithfully pay their taxes. They have served in the military and they go to church. They love this country. You can tell by the passion in their voices. They are not criminals, ruffians, or rent-a-mob protesters as some have suggested. They are your friends and neighbors.

And we are mad. Mad because we know we are being lied to. Mad that we must give up our Saturdays to attend rallies to try to get the attention of our elected officials. Mad that our voices are not being heard and our concerns are being dismissed as irrelevant or foolish. Mad that things we have always believed in and cherished are being taken away before our very eyes. Mad that our children's future is being mortgaged for today's empty promises and political debt paying. Mad about NAFTA, trillion dollar bailouts and politicians who should be in jail but get cleared by house and senate ethics committees time and again. Mad that our dollar is loosing value faster than we can earn it. Mad that we are being locked out of our public lands. Mad that we have lost much of our retirement savings through corruption and government meddling in the banking and home mortgage industries. Mad that social security and Medicare are going broke but still these idiots want to saddle us with another multi-trillion dollar health care plan instead of fixing the one we have. Mad that we are fearful about our future in this land of liberty and promise. Things shouldn't be this way.

And we are mad that we are being called Nazis, mobs, and anti-American by people like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. How dare they point privileged fingers at us and call us those things? We are America. We are the people who make the country run and pay the taxes that support their lavish lifestyles and shameless political excesses. And I'm not bashing Democrats. In eight years of the Bush administration we got the same crap. It's time to get rid of all of them.

And so, give 'em hell at the town hall meetings if you can. I checked the Internet and I can't find a single upcoming town hall meeting scheduled by any public servant of Utah. I guess our politicians just want our votes, not our feedback.

How's that for change we can believe in?

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