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That Good Old "Pasture-ized" Water!!!

Emery Durand, Fred Durand, Isabelle Oveson, Marie Lott

Guest writer

All four of Louis and Louisa Durand's children gathered for a family reunion during the middle of May. When asked about their longevity and health, they claim good genes, good food and good old pasteurized water (you know, the water that ran through the pasture before it hit the cistern).

Marie Lott is the oldest at 91 and lives in Price, Emery is 86, Fred is 85 and Isabelle Oveson is the baby at 80. The brothers traveled from Alabama for a two week stay during which time they were able to visit with many family members.

They spent most of their time at Isabelle's home in Huntington which is the centralized gathering place for food and rest, her home emulates the feel of their mother's home. Kandice and Foster, Marie's children; Emery's son Jim; Jackie, Madelene, Kurt, Kelly and Kris - Isabelle's children were able to make it to the reunion and of course, some of their spouses, many grand and great grand children were able to visit too.

Emery and Fred moved to Alabama in 1965 where they worked for Boeing, a subcontractor for NASA and were instrumental in getting the Saturn V (the Apollo missions) in to space and landing on the moon in 1969. They each married "southern gals" and were "adopted" by their wives families. As much as they would like to come back to Utah to live, especially with Emery's son and family living here in Emery County, the number of years spent in Alabama and the large extended families have planted roots that make it difficult to pull out of that area.

All four of the siblings are widowed. They have survived six spouses amongst the four of them. They know the importance of family and have instilled that quality in each of their own families. They stay in touch with each other every weekend via phone calls.

I am very proud to be a member of this particular family. All four of these people have had great influence in raising their next generation; they encouraged integrity, character, hard work, free thinking and also passed on those great genes. And it must also be mentioned that as children, we too drank that "pasture - ized" water.

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