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Death results in jailing

Paul Willson

Sun Advocate publisher

An argument among campers at the Price Recreation Area last Friday night reportedly resulted in the death of a Salt Lake man.

At about 10:30 p.m. on Aug. 7, a call came into public safety dispatch from women who were at the junction of Utah Highway 191 and U.S. Highway 6. The women indicated that there was a problem at the recreation area.

After Carbon County Sheriff's Office deputies arrived and spoke with the women, they proceeded to the recreation area to find Johnathan Tobey, 20, lying on the ground and not breathing.

"He was cold to the touch so we knew he had passed away," said Capt. Guy Adams, who was with the deputies when the law enforcement officials made the discovery.

Reportedly, a group of five campers from Salt Lake came to the recreation area to celebrate a birthday.

But during the celebration, an argument reportedly erupted concerning a female-male relationship between unidentified members of the group.

After the argument became heated, one male in the group apparently left the camp and started to walk toward Soldiers Summit, where deputies later located him, explained Adams.

The argument reportedly continued and three members of the group decided to leave the area, but Tobey refused to get into the vehicle.

To control Tobey, 22-year-old Paul Willson purportedly got the man down onto the ground and put a hold on the subject.

Adams indicated that Willson told law enforcement officers he realized Tobey was not breathing so he stopped the hold and began to give the subject mouth to mouth resuscitation.

Following the preliminary investigation into the incident, the deputies arrested Willson at the scene in connection with the death.

Willson was booked into the Carbon County Jail on suspicion of manslaughter later that evening.

It appeared that alcohol was involved in the situation, pointed out Adams.

The sheriff's captain said the state medical examiner's office had not determined the cause of Tobey's death at 1:30 p.m. on Monday.

"By the marks on the throat of the victim, I would say that he was apparently choked out," said Adams.

On Monday, bail for Willson was set at $10,000 by Judge George Harmond.

The 7th Distrci Court is expected to set Willson's initial appearance in the case later in the week.

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