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Wellness Center expands

Patients are pictured during an aquatics fitness program

The Wellness Center at Castleview Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine has undergone a big remodel project as well as a restructuring of the expanded service that will be available to the community.

Services will include: personal training, massage therapy, arthritis classes and aquatics pregnancy exercise classes.

Castleview Physical therapy and Sports Medicine Center offers a full spectrum of rehabilitation services such as physical, occupational and speech therapy services.

According to Darrin Hurdsman, occupation therapist, director of rehab services, "we are excited about the opportunity to work with local businesses on improving the health and lifestyles of their employees. We will be actively involved with employees by providing worksite enrichment programs, behavior modification counseling and lifestyle management programs."

Castleview Therapy and Sports Medicine Center is planning an open house October 3, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The center is located at Castleview Hospital. The phone number is 636-4841.

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