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Letter to the Editor: Bruno farm at risk

By Frances Cunningham
Spring Glen

For 40 years I have been involved in the research, documentation and preservation of Carbon County's History. My love and interest in this work has been a motivation force in my life. I am concerned at this time of the potential destruction of the Bruno Farm at Helper, which is on the National Historical Register, with the Helper Interchange Sp-0006 (27) 231 Project as now designed.

Terrence Epperson, who did the work researching for Helper's Historical District in 1978-1979, made the comment that we in Carbon County were foolish because of our lack of preserving our history. His early work, along with documentation of other historical sites in the County by Nancy Taniguich, has added to the preservation of many historical sites.

I recently received a letter from Pamela Higgins, Archaeologist, UDOT Region Four Environmental, State of Utah Department of Transportation. In it she states that she has received no written documentation that opposes the proposed project, Voicing it publicly is not really considered. She says that in order to address our interests, concerned citizens need to submit in writing their concerns. Only one letter has been sent. You can write to Pamela Higgins, Archaeologist State of Utah Department of Transportation, 1345 South 340 West, Richfield, Utah 84701. You could also send a copy of this letter to Roger Roper, Deputy State Historical Preservation Officer, Utah State Historical Preservation Office, 300 S. Rio Grande, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101.

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