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Festival looking for kids art

The Youth Art Competition at the Helper Arts Festival will accept any kind of art from young artists. Drawings, paintings, and sculptures are some of the most common.

USU Extension writer

The Helper Arts Festival will feature a Youth Art Competition again this year.

Kids from grades K-12 (including home schooled kids) should bring their work to the Helper City offices at 73 South Main Street.

Kids can submit all kinds of artwork, including drawings, paintings, sculptures, ceramics, photography, and more.

There will be winners selected from high school, junior high, and two categories of elementary grades.

"Bring your work," says Cathy Wilson, the youth are competition director. "Let's see what great art you've done this year."

The deadline for submitting art is Wednesday, August 12.

Please note that after the competition artwork should be picked up Sunday afternoon at the festival.

Any artwork left behind will be taken to the Helper City Offices and may be picked up there.

For more information email Cathy Wilson at

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