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Construction permits up

Sun Advocate writer

County wide growth in terms of building permits has grown over the past year, but while this might look encouraging to builders, it does not represent total growth within Carbon County.

According to Frankie Hathaway the deputy zoning administrator, permits are up over a year ago, but because they cover a wide range on construction, they don't necessarily all mean new building construction.

"Things like roofing permits were up. We had a long winter and people's roofs fail," said Hathaway over the phone. "Other people are just updating or modernizing."

Excluding Price city the fastest growing parts of the county include the Scofield area, although the actual town of Scofield has seen little to no growth.

"There's a lot of new construction up there, probably three to four new cabins this year," said Hathaway.

On the other side of the growth spectrum, the slowest growing areas in Carbon County include the Sunnyside/East Carbon areas, Helper, Wellington, and as already mentioned, the town of Scofield.

While growth might not be out of control in the county, it is a brighter spot when compared to neighboring counties, many of which have seen their contractors heading elsewhere to find work.

"Places like St George and Washington Counties are really hurting right now, they're not doing very well," said Hathaway.

Some of the major projects that are underway in the county include the new senior citizens center which recently received nearly $8 million from the Recreation and Transportation Special Service District as well as the new Children' s Justice Center.

While Carbon county is not immune to problems that face other areas, it has been able to hold steady with new development and renovations.

"We're going to give it a darn good shot," concluded Hathaway about maintaining the growth of Carbon County.

Although growth in Carbon County might not be as strong as it was in the past, it has faired better than many other more affluent parts of the country. Although establishng a stable economic envirnment is every community's goal.

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