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Price to improve sewer, streets with federal stimulus

PRWID workers "rodding and vectoring." Price city has initiated a plan to inprove it's sewer system.

Sun Advocate writer

Price city council has approved a measure that will help the city's infrastructure through a series of preventative measures intended to lower overall infrastructure costs.

On July 10, the council approved the plan which is funded by federal stimulus and Community Impact Board (CIB) money totaling $3,300,000.

The plan will improve streets and sewer lines around the city and is consists of $1.7 million in stimulus with the rest coming from the CIB.

There was, however, some concern about the project and it's funding from councilmember Jeff Nielson, "How do we get into situations like this? Is it normal?" he asked during the meeting.

Mayor Joe Piccolo assured him that though it might appear to be great amount of money at the moment, it is a "standard and typical way to finance projects for the city," he said. With projects like this, two types of bonds have been issued to assure repayment and the city has had to receive, "consensus from the people that they are willing to pay for it," said the mayor.

Overall according to mayor Piccolo citizens in Price pay below average rates for water and sewer in the state of Utah, and although this might be true he stresses that it is important to maintain the system.

"We need to move forward carefully, we have to make the investment in infrastructure in a timely mannor, otherwise it will pick the time and be expensive," said Piccolo.

The project is currently under engineering and actual construction is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2010. Money for the project will be released as progress is made.

Councilmembers also approved the certified tax rate at .00216 and although it currently unclear as to the cities growth for that past year, property tax revenues should be around $674,122 for 2009.

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