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PRWID discusses project, sharing with county issue

Sun Advocate writer

Price River Water Improvement District met July 7 to approve final payments to Spainhower for work completed on a line upgrade located at upper Miller Creek.

The total amount of the project came to $48,852, with PRWID making the final payment of $6,644 in July.

"They did a very good job," said PRWID boardmember Richard Tatton.

As for water and service sharing with Carbon County issues, the district has compiled a partial list of how much water the county used in May.

During the meeting, questions arose as to the accuracy of the report because while some county sites have water meters and are monitored by the district, other locations are not.

"Some of the meters are read, some aren't," said PRWID manager Jeff Richens during the meeting.

And while the situation has been true in the past, the district hopes it can gather a more perfect picture of local government's water usage if it decides to address the county on the issue.

"We need something to compare it to," said water improvement district boardmember Mike Dalpiaz.

The board believes that the county is currently using more than $90,000 in water, according to the members.

Although the members want to gather more numbers, they also want to know the dollar amount in services that the county provides the improvement district.

"Most of the services we receive are through their road department," said Richens.

If, however, the district finds that the county provides a level amount of services with the water it has been using, the district will likely take no action.

"If the county's list is comparable, I'd say we back off," said Dalpiaz.

PRWID decided that once more information is available, the water improvement district will sent a delegation of boardmembers to meet with the county commissioners to discuses and hopefully resolve the issue.

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