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The Wasatch Behind: Political scientific consensus

Cointributing columnist

They tell us the debate is over. Global warming is happening and it's our fault. Manmade pollution is destroying the planet and the only way to stop it is to sign over our lives, future, freedoms and treasure to Al Gore, the United Nations, and the Obama administration. We have "scientific consensus" on this matter, they tell us, so there's no sense to argue. Even some of our green-streaked Utah politicians are carrying the flag on this nonsense.

Scientific consensus is a rare thing. Most science is theory. What we believe to be true, and even what we know to be true, is constantly changing. Almost nothing is ever absolute in science.

Someone is always coming up with new finds, observations, or interpretations that change everything. This is especially true with earth sciences like meteorology and climatology. Have you ever noticed how often your TV weatherman is wrong? It's because he's offering you a best-guess hypothesis and not scientific fact. It's the best he can do. Anyone who tells you he can accurately predict the weather a month, a year, or a decade down the road is pulling your leg.

So how did the nature-nazis achieve scientific consensus on global warming? Last week we got some clues. First, a scientist with stellar credentials was banned from an international conference on global warming because he speaks from a different point of view. Dr. Michael Taylor, a world-renowned expert on Polar bears, was told to stay away from a United Nations sponsored global warming conference in Copenhagen Denmark. He was not allowed to participate in any way because he doesn't believe that manmade global warming is happening.

And then we found out that our government has been suppressing information and threatening those who fail to support the proper political agenda about climate change. Our Environmental Protection Agency recently discarded a study that raises serious questions about the reality of global warming. The author of the report, the EPA's own Alan Carlin, was told that his work would not be incorporated into the government's global warming database because it did not fit the template set by the Obama administration.

Carlin was told in an email from his EPA boss, "The administrator (EPA chief) and the administration (Obama) has decided to move forward on endangerment (of the environment) and your comments do not help the legal or policy case for this decision. I can only see one impact of your comments given we are in the process, and that would be a very negative impact on our office." Carlin was then ordered not to do any more research on climate change under threat of being reassigned or losing his job.

We probably won't see much about this from our government-controlled news media, but there is a senate investigation in progress. And Representative Darryl Issa from California says, "the (Obama) administration is actively seeking to withhold new data in order to justify a political conclusion." That's a very serious charge when you consider the magnitude of what the administration is trying to do under the cover of a global warming excuse. The cap and tax bill before the senate is only one example.

The EPA is trying to defend its actions by saying that Carlin is not a real scientist. He's an economist who moonlights as a data analyst. Excuse me, but Al Gore is not a real scientist either, and he's the man who invented global warming. And in the end, it really doesn't matter if either man is a scientist or not. Data is data and facts are facts. Does global warming pass the scientific smell test, or doesn't it?

The facts show a pattern of political consensus and not true scientific consensus. Those with opposing scientific views are not counted. Their work is cast aside, discredited and ridiculed. It's all about politics, control, and the reshaping of America. The threat of global warming is only an excuse to remake this country into a deep green, nature worshiping, socialistic, elitist Plutocracy (rule by rich people - like George Soros).

It's time we wake up and see climate change for what it is.

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