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Ascention St. Matthew's dedicates new church in Carbon County area

Rev. Courtney A. Shucker II weclomes over a hundred people at the dedication of St. Matthews last Saturday.

Several hundred people gathered Saurday to dedicate the new Ascenion St. Matthew's Church at 522 North Homestead Blvd in Price. The Christian fellowship serves the Lutheran and Episcopal communities and was established in 1984. The reverend Courtney A. Shucker II serves as preacher and presideor of the congregation.

Shucker came to Carbon County in September of 1998 from a Diocese in Nevada. Later that fall, the Diocese of Utah announced the formation of "project jubilee", a porject of the diocese to retire parochial debts, repair and replaced aging structures, construct new facilities, and help in ecumenical projects. Ascention St. Matthew's applied for funds in May of 1999. The project was approved in June and organizational and pre-design work commenced by a joint diocesan parish committee, under the direction of an architeechural firm from Salt Lake City.

In May of 2000, the second four-year lease expired and Price Chapel sold the buildings wherein the congregation was located. When no acceptable leases were found the congregation decided to accept the invitation of the local Roman Catholic priest and bishop to lease the space at the former Notre Dame School. They have met there until this past Sunday. Construction began in November of last fall on the 17,000 square foot building.

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