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Filing deadline approaches for '09 city, PRWID elections

Sun Advocate publisher

While it may seem to many Carbon County residents that the general election last fall just finished, it's time for local candidates thinking about running for city offices to get ready to file to run in the November 2009 races.

Starting on July 1, residents wishing to run for offices within all the incorporated cities in the area may file their declarations of candidacy.

The time frame on the filing is narrow because the election hopefuls must have the appropriate documents into their respective cities by July 15.

According to deputy county clerk Alexis Horsley, the number of candidates filing for a position will determine if there will be a primary election for the mayoral and council seats affected in 2009.

If more than two people apply for a position in a town, then the primary election will be conducted on Sept. 15. The primary results will whittle down the number for any single city office to two for the general election on Nov. 3.

All the municipalities in the county will be affected by the 2009 voting process, with every city's mayor being up for re-election.

All of the cities also have several open council seats.

The elected city offices that will appear on the November ballot include:

•Price - Mayor and two four-year city councilmembers.

•Helper - Mayor as well as two four-year and two two-year city council seats.

•Wellington - Mayor as well as two four-year and two two-year city council positions.

•East Carbon - Mayor along with two four-year and one two-year city councilmembers.

•Sunnyside - Mayor along with two four-year and one two-year city council seats.

In addition to the city elections, the Price River Water Improvement District will be conducting an election for one boardmember at the November polls.

PRWID has two at large county positions on the water improvement district board.

The filing process for the open position on the PRWID board must be completed during the July 1 to July 15 period.

Candidates must file to run for the county at large position on the PRWID board at the water improvement district offices on Fairgrounds Road.

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