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For the past three years, I have participated in a sport which I always thought was a complete waste of time and money. Silly me. Now I am addicted to participating in the sport of golf, or pasture pool as my grandpa calls it.

For most of my life I felt that golf was one of those ridiculous sports that required no skills to play. Kind of like curling. But to my surprise, I was wrong, but then again, what else is new.

After my husband convinced me to go out on the golf course with him and hit a few balls, I realized just how difficult the sport really is. The most difficult aspect of the sport for me at first was to even make contact with that tiny white ball. No matter how hard I concentrated, it seemed that all I could do was chop the lawn up while that little white ball remained on the tee laughing at my stupidity.

Well, those days are gone; or for the most part. I almost always make contact with that silly white ball, but now the trick is to make it go more than 10 feet in front of me and in the direction which I wish for it to travel.

No matter how many times a golfer goes out and plays, each round is a different adventure. In fact, each hole poses a different problem or challenge. It does not matter how many times a course is played, it is always different each time a player sets foot on its green grass.

That is an advantage to us inexperienced golfers however. At least most of our opponents look as if they don't know diddly about the sport from time to time. This gives us hope.

As a woman, I often times feel all alone out there on the course. When scoping the players that are out enjoying the sport, one tends to not see many women. This makes me frustrated at times. After all, the only golfers I know are men, that is expect my mother-in-law who just doesn't seem to go much. It would just be nice to have a lady friend that I could go out and play with sometime and then I would be able to compete with someone with skills similar to mine.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy golfing with men, particularly my husband. This is our favorite pastime and in fact, this is what we did on our honeymoon. But how nice it would be, to be able to look like I knew what I was doing out there on the course instead of looking like an unexperienced idiot.

Therefore, here is my challenge. For all you women out there that say "I don't know why my husband always has to go out there and golf." Well I say go with them. It might be fun. After three years of golfing, I have become the one to get my husband up off the couch and go golfing. Not only is it an enjoyable sport, but it is also a way to spend that valuable time with your loved one. It's even more enjoyable when you beat them on a hole or two.

As a farm girl, I grew up with the belief that golf courses where a waste of farm land. Now days, I have come to understand that golf courses are actually a place to go and escape from the outside world. For that brief time that one is out on the course, it is so easy to forget about the everyday duties that await when you leave the beautiful golf course.

It is so peaceful to stand in the middle of a course and listen to the birds chirping in the trees. It is even more exciting to stumble across a wild bunny rabbit when searching for the lost tiny white ball. There are many perks to participating in that silly sport of golf.

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