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CIB approves $10.5 million in funding for county seniors center, Price projects

The Utah Permanent Community Impact Board recently approved a request to fund $8.4 million for the construction of a senior center near the Carbon County Fairgrounds.       

The $8.4 million was awarded as a $4.2 million grant and a $4.2 million 30-year no interest loan. 

The single story 34,000 square foot senior citizens center with handicap accessibility will be constructed on county owned land, according to the CIB members.

"Carbon County has outgrown its current senior center," said San Juan Commissioner Bruce Adams, who represents the Southeastern Association of Local Governments on the CIB panel.

"The current center has structural problems and has become too small for the 1,700 people who use it. The new senior center will be state of the art, safe and accommodate future growth," continued Adams.

In addition to allocating $8.4 million in CIB revenues for the Carbon County's senior citizens center, the boardmembers approved four requests totaling $2, 067,000 in the form of grants and no interest loans to Price to upgrade the city's infrastructure.

The money will pay for water and sewer system improvements as well as street projects, pointed out the CIB officials.

In addition to the improvements in question, a $30,000 grant was awarded for the phase one design stage of the Price River trail development project.

"Both the water and sewer system infrastructures are aged and need to be repaired and in some cases replaced," said Carbon Commissioner and CIB Boardmember Mike Milovich.

"Without this money, the community could very well run into some serious problems that would cost them more if they waited," continued the Carbon County commissioner.

Along with earmarking $30,000 to fund the local river trial project, the CIB's allocations to Price included:

•A grant and loan combination total of $487,000 for the city's sewer system improvements.

•$970,000 for the city's water system improvements.

•$580,000 for street improvements within the city's boundaries.

The CIB awards grants and low-interest loans to cities, towns and counties impacted by mining and the extraction of oil and gas on federal land.

The program is managed by the Utah Division of Housing and Community Development.

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