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Truth skating in Price

On June 12 The Truth Campaign out of Salt Lake sponsored a BMX bike and skateboard competition at the skate park in Price. The event was well attended with participant's ages ranging from 18 and under.

The Truth Campaign is a program that intends to inform youth about the dangers of smoking through an extreme sports approach, like last week's skate competition, held in Price.

"A lot of youth think that, 'I want to be cool, and so I'll pick up smoking,' but what we want to do is get the name of anti-tobacco involved with skating," said Peter Moosman with the Truth Campaign.

Event skills ranged from beginner, intermediate and advanced, and with music blaring, the competition was underway with a variety of tricks and moves being thrown by all competitors.

"We came on down to Price to get people involved, we're hitting up Moab tomorrow, just trying to spread the word and get people active," said Moosman .

Starting last year the Truth skateboarding event has expanded this year to include BMX bikers and takes place in both Price and Moab.

To watch video coverage of this event go to

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