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Barracuda victories continue on this summer

Sports reporter

On June 13, the Castle Valley Barracudas swim team traveled to Emery to compete against the San Rafael Stingrays. The Barracudas took 18 girls and only one boy against the Stingray's 25 girls and 20 boys. That led to a great match up for the girls and a blow out for the boys. Barracuda girls came out with a win, out scoring the Stingrays 1296 to 854. The Barracudas single boy finished both his races in first scoring 40 points.

Addy Olsen ruled the nine to ten age group finishing first in all four of her events free, back, breast, and IM. Grace Mantz placed first in fly, second in back and free. She took third in breast. Abigail Krum placed third in the fly, back and fourth in the breast and fifth in the free. Veronica Ibanez placed third in the free, second in the fly, fourth in back, and eighth in breast. Eliza Krum placed sixth in free, fourth in fly, and seventh in breast. Oliva Black, swimming in her first meet, placed ninth in free and tenth in back, Taycie Davis placed 13 in free, fifth in fly, and 12 in back. Lexi Garcie also swimming in her first meet placed 14 in her free and sixth in fly.

For the 11 to 12 age group, Ali Heath finished first in free, back, and breast, and second in fly. Danni Noyes showed great improvement as he finished second in free and first in fly. Dakota Noyes placed third in free and breast with best times in both events. Heidi Prettyman placed first in IM, second in breast, fourth in free, back and third in fly.

In the 13 to 14 age group, Jill Malone beat her best time and finished first in the free, fly, IM and back. She came in second in the breast. Joset Wells placed first in the breast, second in the fly, and IM, She was fourth in the free. Sarah Barnett, swimming in her first meet, placed fourth in the back.

The only boy, Lance Riche, blew his competition away, placing first in free, beating the next competitor by 23 seconds. He also took first in back while beating his competitors by 24 seconds which is the full length of the pool, because they were only swimming four lengths of the pool in the race.

In the 15 to 18 division, Megan Barnett placed first in free. She also placed second in fly and IM. Aysha Black placed first in fly, IM, second in free and breast. Kenzie Mantz placed first in breast, and third in free. Christi Wells placed third in fly, and breast, and fourth in free.

Coach Kamera Davis summed up the event, "This meet was a lot of fun. Our kids swam great. Its nice to have another team close by to compete with. Our next home meet will be July 11 against the Vernal Vipers and Delta DAYO. Come check out the fun!" he said.

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