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All girls team makes for interesting little league season

Kelsey Sorenson rounds second, heading for third.
Chandel Nichols takes a healthy cut at the ball.

Sports reporter

The little league season in the area ended on Saturday but throughout Carbon County, ball fields were covered with little boys in uniforms playing little league baseball all during the spring and early summer.

It was a sure sign of the season.

But this year there was a wrinkle in the picture. When one looked out at the players on one team that played, a double take might have been in order. Every position on the field was filled by a girl. Not just one here or there, but each and every player on the team was a girl.

The all girls team was a first for Carbon County and maybe even in the state of Utah. Coached by Bart Sorenson, the father of two of the players, the team had a pretty good season.

"We won some and lost some," he said, "But most impressive is that only two of these girls ever played baseball before. Still they were having fun."

Many that played on the team played on a traveling softball team as well. Sorenson felt like playing baseball would help the girls with their softball skills. He approached the league and got permission for the team to play. By word of mouth from his players, he picked up a few more girls and they became the little league team called Mitchell's.

He wasn't sure what to expect as the season began, but the team gelled well together and steadily improved. They were generally well received by the other teams, even those who were been beaten by them.

Sorenson doubts he will coach the team again next season. He is hoping another coach might step up and take over and keep it going.

But in the end, the team had a lot of fun and started and ended the season with smiles on their faces.

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