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Which is right for you: a chef or a caterer?

The meal is the main event of the evening.

The meal is the main event of the wedding reception. So that the palates retain good memories of this special evening, the food must be of good quality and very savory. The present trend is for cocktail buffets, which involve a friendly system of small themed islands where the guests can enjoy tasty bites prepared in front of them. Another option is to serve an assortment of hors-d'oeuvre or snack trays; these bite-size pieces offer plenty of surprises.

The bride and groom can move from one table to the next, sampling from the different platters. Of course, there is always the traditional meal, with an entrée, a main dish, and a dessert, which adds a formal touch to the meal.

Selecting the person who will devise your wedding menu is a question of confidence and competence. You can trust a chef or a caterer who satisfied you in the past. Selecting a chef also means choosing the restaurant. In addition to the food, you must also consider the ambiance, the decor, and the service. If you opt for a caterer, select the reception hall with care.

When discussing the different elements of the meal, you must consider the number of guests and the available budget. You can choose one of the menus proposed by the caterer or the chef, or you can ask them to prepare a meal you prefer. The wine selection must also rise to the occasion. In addition, you must decide on the service personnel required, the meal time, the table arrangements, and the decorations. It is important to anticipate additional service charges, such as time overruns, supplementary fees for alcohol service, etc. Some businesses offer all-inclusive wedding services. In addition to taking care of the meal, they manage other aspects of the event, like the decorations, music, flowers, etc.

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