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Fine flowers for the wedding

Your bouquet is limited only by your imagination and your budget. Consult your florist for what flowers are in season.

Regardless of the style, the size, or the tone of your wedding, flowers are always essential. Flowers are the vital decorative accessory to add a joyous and romantic touch to your wedding ceremony and reception. In fact, flowers are always part of the wedding decor, but they must be selected with care.

To start, the flowers must satisfy the couple's preference criteria. Then, the flower arrangements must match the color and the style of the wedding. Certain varieties are more appropriate for formal weddings; others are particularly well-suited for contemporary weddings. Certain flowers will complement a rustic and country style wedding very well. The florist has the expertise to recommend the most appropriate flowers for the occasion.

The wedding flowers include the bride's bouquet and, when requested, a small bouquet that she can toss to the guests, as well as bouquets for the bridesmaids and the flower girl. The groom, the groomsmen, the fathers, and the grandfathers adorn their suit lapel with flowers, and the mothers and grandmothers wear them in corsages. In addition, flowers are the main decoration for the wedding ceremony and reception (centerpieces, flower baskets, arches, etc.). The bride and the bridesmaids can use the same kind of flowers to adorn their hair. All of these flowers must be complementary in their varieties, colors, and arrangements.

Consult your florist at least one month ahead of time. Discuss the budget, the terms of payments, and the deposit. Make sure that the florist has no other commitments on the day of your wedding.

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