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Celebrate your wedding in complete calm

The reception hall reflects the splendour of your wedding.

The wedding reception deserves to be planned with care to ensure its success at all levels. Start by finding a pleasant location, not far from where the ceremony will be held. It's practical and convenient to hold the ceremony and reception in nearby places. In fact, guests will more easily find the reception hall if it's not too far from the wedding location. A shorter distance will keep them in the right mood. The facilities should be attractive, the room well-aired or equipped with a ventilation system, and the size should be adequate for the number of guests. Check for parking availability.

If some of your guests come from out of town, it may be better to choose an inn or hotel where they could stay. You can reserve rooms for them in advance. Make a list of which guests will need lodging before meeting the manager of the inn or hotel. If there are no lodgings where you are holding your reception, try to find them a convenient location nearby.

Before meeting the manager of the reception hall, make a list of your requirements. Determine the number of guests, your needs and budget. Write a list of the arrangements you've made for your wedding and make sure they will be respected. Check if there are other events already planned at the place you've chosen for your wedding day. Make sure they will not conflict with your schedule or affect the smooth operation of your reception. Ask what time you must leave the hall. Some places offer restaurant services, decoration, music or other benefits. They may also offer all-inclusive package deals.

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