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The wedding cake: an undeniable star

Your cake should reflect the theme of your wedding...formal or casual, big or small.

The star of the wedding dinner is, without question, the cake. With it's beauty and flavor, it stands out from everything around it. That's why it must be chosen with taste and distinction. When you meet with the baker, ask to see samples of cakes. Express your preferences for flavour and color, as well as for shape, height and toppings.

If you can't decide on a flavour, don't hesitate to ask the baker to let you try a few samples. You can choose between conventional flavours, like vanilla, chocolate, and maple, or more exotic flavours like coconut orange, vanilla cream, and fudge. Let this taste testing session inspire you.

The number of guests will determine the size of the cake. Keep in mind, however, that if the meal is hearty, the portions will probably be smaller.

There are also those who will ask for a smaller piece, or even go without, for health reasons. If you don't want to be stuck with a large amount of leftover cake, be realistic in your estimate.

Naturally, you must think of costs, including fees for delivery and cutting the cake. Consider bringing a knife and spatula, decorated for the occasion. Decide when the cake will be served: immediately after the meal or during the evening.

If it's served after the meal, you can serve it at the tables while guests are still seated. During the evening, it's more common to leave slices on one table and let guests come for a piece.

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