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Accessories make all the difference

A simple bejeweled headband and long gloves are some of the current trends.

Once the gown has been selected, there are still a few details to finalize with the bridal attire. Some gowns require a crinoline, which must be chosen carefully so that it enhances the style of the dress and the silhouette of the bride.

Pristine stockings, adorned with lace or elegantly simple, must slip on like a glove: soft and snug. The choice between a garter belt and an waist band depends mostly on the undergarments to be worn and the comfort of the bride.

To complement the ever-popular strapless gown, the veil continues to be a favorite. Long or semi-long, it is worn on the back of the head and is now more sheer than ever. The tiara, worn alone or with a veil, is still the most preferred bridal headdress. This year, however, bridal headpieces worn on the side of the head have returned, and can be seen on many beautiful heads.

As well, wearing very long gloves is a trend perpetuated by fashionable strapless gowns, as well as gowns with straps that leave the arms bare. However, fingerless gloves are also making a noticeable return. They showcase the wedding rings, and the bride can wear her gloves during, and even after, the ceremony.

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