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The bridal party

After all the months of hectic planning, a bride can count on the help of her bridal party to keep her calm and collected on her wedding day. In many cases, brides will choose a close female friend or family member as her maid of honour. Her role will usually be to hold the bride's bouquet at the appropriate moments, hold onto the groom's wedding ring until it is time for them to be exchanged, and ensure the bride's veil and the train of her gown are properly arranged at all times.

Generally, the bridesmaids assist the maid of honour and organize a reception or wedding shower for the bride before the wedding.

When it comes to dressing the bridal party, the options are virtually endless. While the possible colors of dresses extend the entire spectrum of the rainbow, off-white is a particularly popular color right now. The range of dress styles is just as vast. Elegantly draped dresses with asymmetric cuts and plunging necklines are found in many bridal boutiques today.

The flower girl represents a miniature version of the bride and is usually dressed all in white. The style of her dress should be similar to that of the bride. The top choices for flower girls today are bodices with or without sleeves paired with a somewhat full skirt.

The ring bearer adds a charming touch to a wedding ceremony by simply walking down the aisle decked out like a miniature version of the groom, while holding the wedding rings. Naturally, the mothers on both sides must also fulfill their roles by providing words of wisdom and helping to plan the celebration.

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