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Mine rescue competition highlights

Mine rescue competition
Mine rescue competition

2009 contest results


First place: Gary Christensen, Energy West

Second place: Ken WRich, Mountain Coal, West Elk

Third place: Zack Boylen. Bridger Coal

Mine Rescue

First place: Gary Christensen, Energy West

Second place: Andy Wall, Energy West

Third place: Kyel Abeyta, Utah American/West Ridge


First place: Jon Hawkins, Blue Mountain Energy: Deserado

Second place: Korey McArthur, Utah American/West Ridge

Third place: Dave Moffett, San Juan Coal

Bench-Bio Marine

First place: Ivan Benally, San Juan Coal

First place novice and novice S: Jarred Tatton, Canyon Fuel/Skyline

First place novice R: Tom Bird, GCC Energy/King Coal

Second place: Darrell Burr, Canyon Fuel/Skyline

Third place: Carl Limone, Mountain Coal/West Elk


First place: Robert Hill, Energy West

First place novice and second place: Gary Boyd, Energy West

Third place: Chance Gomez, Energy West

First Aid

First place: Bill Mazutis/Randy Poulson/Ken Wrich, Mountain Coal/West Elk

First place novice: Joe Kuretich/Matt VanVleet/Levi McCarty, Mountain Coal/West Elk

Second place: Gary Christensen/Ray Guymon/Robert Hill, Energy West

Third place: Kelly Duke/Brad Reed/Brad Timothy, Energy West

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