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UDOT installs gates to save space, money

New electric cattle guards have been installed along U.S. Highway 6 as part of a cost and space saving measure by UDOT.

Sun Advocate writer

Along U.S. Highway 6 between Helper and Price, two new electric cattle guards have been installed by the Utah Department of Transportation in cooperation with the department of wildlife resources.

Located where old highway meets the new one, the guards are a relatively new innovation. Aside from Canada and New Mexico, Utah is the only other locality.

The overall project is scheduled to be completed this fall, according to Kevin Kitchen, the public involvement manager at UDOT.

The electrical force used by the guards is similar to that of an electric fence with and with an output measured in milliampere.

Kitchen said they're safe to walk across, although it should not be done with pets, or without shoes.

Primarily, UDOT is using the guards as a cost and space solution to wildlife getting on the highway.

Around the areas with the guards, there exists about 20,000 feet of wildlife fencing. According to the state agencies, the new system uses less space than conventional cattle guards.

The other areas haven't had any problems with the new system thus far, according to Kitchen.

He added that the guards have "been studied for quite some time, and the ones by the golf course, (in between Price and Helper) are basically done."

The other guard will installed by Colton on U.S. 6, most likely this fall, said Kitchen.

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