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Volunteer firefighter month gives community chance to help

Some firefighters battle a blaze in Carbon County this last winter. Most of the firefighters that work in various Carbon County fire departments are volunteers and get little for their great sacrifices. The Sun Advocate has proclaimed June Volunteer Firefighter Month and is donating part of the subscription income from subscription sold by firefighters to their departments for use as they see fit.

Sun Advocate publisher

There is a group of heroes in the community that give selflessly whenever they are called; they get little for their efforts yet they dedicate hours of training, spend days taking care of rescue equipment and risk their lives at the drop of a hat to save someone's property or even a citizens life.

These people are the fire fighters of Carbon County, almost all of whom are volunteers. Because of their dedication, the Sun Advocate has dedicated the month of June to these men and women by proclaiming it Volunteer Fire Fighters Month.

In honor of these men and women the paper is making a special offer which will aide them in their efforts to keep our community safe, and to provide them with equipment and materials they need to do their jobs.

This month residents may be approached by a fire fighter selling subscriptions to the Sun Advocate. That's because they can make money for their departments by doing so, and at the same time they can win some valuable prizes for themselves too.

For every new subscription each fire fighter sells, their department will get back $20 from the Sun Advocate. For every renewal, the department gets $5. That means the departments can use that money for any purpose, from purchasing equipment to buying materials that are expendable.

The fact is that fighting fires and doing rescue work is expensive. Most departments are strapped for money to update their equipment and many struggle to replenish supplies.

The paper's staff also decided that more than just helping the departments, the newspaper would team up with Bill's Home Furnishings and provide some valuable prizes for those selling the subscriptions as well. Early in July the paper and Bill's will be giving away $1,000 in gift certificates to the fire fighters who sell the most subscriptions during the month of June.

So by purchasing a subscription to a great, award winning community newspaper, residents can now help those that help them.

To participate in this endeavor contact one of your local fire fighters today about this offer and take an opportunity to support a group of people who give so much to the communities of Carbon County.

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