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New maintenance for East Carbon City

Sun Advocate reporter

East Carbon's newly built walking paths are proving themselves difficult to maintain with the city maintenance department's current equipment, which brought up the issue of the department's overall equipment status at the May 26 city council meeting. The department's equipment in general has become a "concern" to council member Darlene Kuhns, who also said that East Carbon is a "little city that has taken a lot out of it's budget."

Part of the controversy stemmed from two golf carts approved during the meeting, because according to council member Andy Urbanik, they will cost $2,000 and $2,200. The carts, as Urbanik implied, are intended to be used towards a goal of efficiency in cleaning walking paths and checking meters around East Carbon. Kuhns wanted to know if the carts were necessary because "we have trucks over there (maintenance department) that don't run," adding that "we wont use them (the carts) in the winter." Although Urbanik said that meters are not read in the winter, concerns were still alive. "I like the idea, but I don't want them (maintenance department) calling us for another truck," said council member Joyce Caviness.

Possibilities of using the police ATV to pick up trash along the walking path were considered, but the idea was deemed not plausible since it has been tried in the past. "We've tried multitasking emergency equipment before and it didn't work out very well," said Urbanik, who detailed that emergency vehicles need to be ready on demand.

As for buying a new truck, Urbanik said "the maintenance department needs to do some homework before they say 'we need a truck.'"

The police department of East Carbon is in need of a fifth officer to join their ranks and have accepted and narrowed down the applicants to six finalists. All the finalists have completed study at the academy and are ready to start duty. "Its almost impossible to be an officer in this town. There's a very low percentage of people who can do it," said Sergeant Holt of the ECPD during the meeting. Additionally the new officer will be paid for with a three year grant.

Finally the new walking path is also in need of another $16,000 in order to continue it to the old highway for which the city voted to seek funding. And for the New ATV trail, the East Carbon police force is going to apply for a grant worth up to $10,000 for a new off road patrol vehicle "The Jointer." The city will pay the final $3,000 for the vehicle if the grant is obtained.

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