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Funds awarded to get water plant upgrade

On May 7, the Utah Permanent Community Impact Board approved an $83,120 emergency grant to make emergency repairs and upgrade the Sunnyside water treatment plant in East Carbon City.

The money will pay for the removal of media from two filter units installed at the plant in 1985 and repair the steel tanks that hold the units, indicated the CIB.

The Sunnyside plant was designed to use four treatment units, but has been operating on two filter units since the problem was discovered.

East Carbon City hopes to have the repairs completed before the summer demand for water overrides the capacity of the functional filter units, pointed out the CIB..

"The very essence of the water supply for this community is dependent on the money they asked for," said CIB boardmember and Carbon Commissioner Michael Milovich. "Without this money the community could very well lose their culinary water supply. This was one of those situations where the board had to act quickly. Approving this request was a no-brainer for me."

The CIB also approved a total of $190,000 for the North Emery Water Users Special Service District. The combined $130,000 grant and $60,000 no interest loan will supplement the $1.4 million cooperative project between the special service district and Energy West Mining Company to develop a culinary water pipe through a directionally drilled bore hole. The bore hole is 2,600 feet long and descends East Mountain at an elevation increase of more than 700 feet, explained the impact board.

The CIB awards grants and low interest loans to cities, towns and counties impacted by mining and extraction of oil and gas on federal land. The program is managed by the state's housing and community development division.

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