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Two new volunteer teams join PAWS

PAWS newest team members Nancy Boyle and Tiva bring smiles to many faces.

Nancy Boyle and her Golden Retriever, Tiva, along with Gina Sacco and her bunny Precious Peter have both completed the testing and evaluation process through a local volunteer program under the umbrella of Active Re-Entry called PAWS (People and Animals Working to Serve).

Both volunteer teams are registered by the nationwide pet partner program which has established guidelines for members which qualifies them to enter hospitals, nursing homes and other facilities. The program registers teams that successfully complete health screening, temperament and aptitude screening, and volunteer training.

Local PAWS volunteer teams visit at over 10 sites in the Carbon and Emery County areas. Boyle and Tiva visit the Parkdale residential facility and Castleview Hospital, while Precious Peter visits Castleview Hospital with two of his certified handlers.

Active Re-Entry and PAWS are continually looking for additional volunteers and will be holding a handlers workshop and evaluation in October. Anyone interested in receiving additional information should contact Kathryn Kilbourne at 637-5615.

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