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East Carbon officials prepare to market city

Sun Advocate reporter

The East Carbon council is clearing the way for a brighter future for the city and possibly the county as a whole.

On Tuesday, many measures were taken by the council to help improve East Carbon's image as well as the health and well being of its residents.

"The city has never done any marketing. We want to position ourselves to do a lot, for instance cleaning up such as limiting the number of cars someone can have on their lawn, just measures to improve the town," said Councilmember Andy Urbanik.

Preparations were made to help various aspects of marketing the town. Measures included furthering improvements to existing softball fields with $1,000 from the city as well as continuing to refine the rules on the walking and all-terrain vehicle trails in and around East Carbon.

The walking trails have been subject to motorized vehicles, while the ATV trails have seen full-sized trucks.

In respect to each trail, the vehicles are illegal.

"We'll catch the perpetrators and make an example," said Mayor Orlando LaFontaine during the May 12 council meeting.

In order to get the word out about the city, the council also approved $1,050 for T-shirts intended to help showcase East Carbon and all the town has to offer.

In addition, the city intends to take park in the Eastern Utah Friendship Ride blessing of the bikes on Saturday and approved $300 the event promotion

A major aspect that plagues East Carbon is the issue with waste coal ash.

While the 250,000 tons of waste coal are deposited close to the city and bring in needed revenue, it creates health hazards as well as practicality ones.

"The city might make a subdivision on some of the land that might be used for the ash," said Urbanik.

The council intends to start negotiations on the 20 plus year old deal with the ash.

The new water treatment plant in East Carbon is also getting closer to being finished. The council is preparing for its operation and getting ready to hire full-time staff for the treatment plant.

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