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AARP works for the community

Each year Utah AARP identifies areas throughout the state where they can assist local entities with projects that will be of benefit to their communities. Because much discussion has been related to hunger and poverty within the state, this year Utah AARP is devoting its resources to help with food banks.

Nationally, AARP holds what is known as a "Day of Service" where members devote a particular day performing service in their cities in an effort to improve the style of living. The national "Day of Service" will be held later in the year as they plan to coordinate resources with other service organizations.

In Utah, AARP still desires to conduct its service day in the spring wherever possible. Utah AARP has changed its Day of Service in the spring to a "Connect to Serve Day" and has set aside Thursday, May 14 as the day it will assist local food banks throughout the state.

The Carbon County Senior Citizen Center and Carbon High School have agreed to assist AARP with two projects identified by Jackie Butkovich, local Food Bank director that will be of great help to them.

Project one will be to sort 8,000 pounds of food recently gathered by the Boy Scouts and 600 pounds anticipated by the mail carrier food drive that was conducted last Saturday.

Project two will be "sprucing' up the grounds around their building. AARP plans to have one group work in the morning from 9:00am until noon and another group work from 1:30 to 4:30pm.

Those of you who would like to assist in these worthwhile projects either in the morning or afternoon on Thursday, May 14, please contact the Senior Citizen Center 636-3283 or AARP Area Coordinator Leonard Miller 637-0002.

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