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Letter to the editor: Nine-Mile complaints



This past week, we went up Nine-Mile Canyon to see the sights and experience the historic places we had only heard about.

It would have been a nice, enjoyable ride if not for the white work trucks pushing 60 miles per hour, going up and down the canyon. There was more than a few times we had to slow down and hug the side of the road to avoid a collision.

Our worst fears were around the bends we couldn't see, not knowing what to expect, and praying any vehicles we encountered were not on our side of the road.

We were also passed by trucks that left us to choke on their dust from the dirt road. The whole experience left me more that a little reluctant to ever attempt a trip up there again.

I realize that these workers probably travel this road multiple times to and from the job site, but this doesn't give them the right to endanger families and sightseers.

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