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Letter to the editor: Socialism not the path



I have been a subscriber of your paper for many years and have felt strong concerns over many of the views addressed in articles that I have read. But never have I felt this concerned, so concerned that I feel strongly enough to write you and show my endorsement of the article, "Reading the tea leaves," by Tom McCourt (Sun Advocate, April 21, 2009).

He expressed many of my views and I encourage everyone of every political persuasion to study seriously what the author was patriotically asking our officials to do; listen to their constituent's concerns as to the direction our Country.

I confess that this is the first year I have voted for one of the major parties since the Kennedy Administration. I could no longer see many differences between the two. The platforms were different but the results were the same. Once they were elected many no longer listened to we the people. It is like our country is a train traveling on a track and ahead it is a broken over a trestle spanning a deep ravine; socialism.

The engineer of the train is we the people, but at the controls, are our elected officials who are frozen and no longer responding to the engineer, their employers. The train is picking up speed; it's out of control; the ravine, socialism, is menacingly close. The America that we know and love will only survive if we can convince our elected officials to start working for us again and to fix the track. Forget the rhetoric of the campaigns that got the officials elected. In many cases it appears they are more interested in positioning themselves for their own agendas, their own aggrandizements.

My sincere hope and prayer is that my descendents will always enjoy the America that I grew up in that it belonged to we the people.

Tom, we need a voice with your talent to explain and spur us on to an orderly expression to our representatives of the destination we want our country to arrive at.

Capitalism that has served and prospered us for 200 odd years, not Socialism that has not prospered the citizen of any country that I am aware of. I was not physically able to demonstrate with you at the team party but my heart was there. I have never spoken up in public to express my political views before but I've never in my 79 years felt so alarmed. I further feel that if I don't speak up I shouldn't complain nor be surprised by the outcome.

This is not the time to be timid and blindly follow into a political catastrophe. We, the average loyal citizenry must orderly speak up to our elected officials in such numbers that they realize the course we are on is not acceptable. If we don't act quickly we may not be able to stop our course before irreparable harm is done.

Proudly I sign this as an American.

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