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Price council hears local resident complaints about off road traffic

Cove residents are concerned about motorcyclists riding in the area.

At the April 29th Price City Council meeting Jack Bonaquisto stood to speak his mind. He lives in the Coves area and according to him the residents there are experiencing an influx of motocross riders in the dirt area just north of the subdivision.

Bonaquisto brought maps and aerial photographs of the location showing the council that the area in question is within the Price city limits.

He said the local residents want the council to put a stop to the dust and noise.

Bonaquisto indicated than an increased law enforcement presense had not remedied the situation.

On Wednesday, he asked the city council to post signs making everyone aware that the area is not a recreational access area.

After the resident's presentation, a motion was passed by the council to create a committee to look at the issue.

The Price City Police Department will spearhead the movement, but the committee will also include council representatives and members of the community.

The committee will come up with a way to deal with the problem and share their recommendations with the council sometime in the next few months.

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