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Stewardship partnering between SITLA, others brings order to Nine Mile panel

The Great Hunt Panel has been the center preservation efforts for a very long time.

The Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration recently partnered with interested parties to complete a stewardship project, enhancing the protection of one of the state's most famous ancient rock art specimens - the Great Hunt Panel.

Located in Nine Mile Canyon 51 miles Northeast of Price, the Great Hunt Panel is part one of the largest concentrations of ancient rock art in the world, explained the school trust lands administration.

The panel is one of the most photographed and visited panels in the canyon on property administered by the state agency.

With increasing traffic in the canyon, it became apparent that measures to protect the panel from damage were necessary.

The first project, undertaken five years ago was re-routing the road—originally within just a few feet of the panel.

This work was done by Bill Barrett Corporation (BBC), a natural gas exploration company with operations in the area.

Since that time, BBC and TLA have worked with Carbon County, College of Eastern Utah, Utah State University, Castle Valley archaeological society chapter and the Nine Mile Coalition, creating the recently completed improvements.

During the first three weeks in April, TLA provided construction materials and equipment while TLA employees, College of Eastern Utah (CEU) Sun Center volunteers and members of the Nine Mile Coalition provided labor for the project. Rustic fences were installed, defining the site, an interpretive kiosk was placed in the parking lot, and a graveled walkway from the parking lot to the site was created. A seating bench was built, and other improvements made. This site is now a destination for everyone who visits the canyon.

The Trust Lands Administration encourages the public to visit this important site and to remember that cultural resources, such as the Great Hunt Panel, are irreplaceable heritage assets reminding us of our commonly shared past.

The School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration is an independent state agency that manages 3.4 million acres of Utah trust lands for the financial benefit of Utah's public schools and 11 other public institutions.

Money generated from school trust lands is deposited in the state Permanent School Fund, a perpetual endowment that annually distributes income to each K-12 public school in Utah.

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