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West end growing...

The new JB's of Price is taking shape just off the west Price freeway exit. It is tagged to open in June sometime.
The new La Quinta Inn's location has just barely been touched by construction crews. Soon the building will begin to form up.
The groundbreaking that took place in late March for the Wingers Restaurant is typical of what has been going on the west side of Price in the last couple of months.
The new La Quinta Inn in Price will appear much as the one in Rifle, Colo, with three stories and 78 rooms.
The new Wingers restaurant near Castleview Hospital is going up fast as crews work there daily.

What do Tom Niederhauser, Casey Petersen and Jack Wright all have in common?

In some ways one would be hard pressed to see a connection unless one knew it was business growth in west Price.

As of this spring all have projects going to change the face of the western most exit of the Highway 6 bypass, and those changes will be positive.

Niederhauser will soon be moving his long time restaurant business, JB's of Price, from the place it has been located for over 30 years on east Main Street to a new location that will not only continue to draw local business, but travelers who pass through the area on the by-pass.

Petersen will be starting up a completely new franchise for the area, a Winger's Restaurant, a chain that continues to grow in various places in the nation despite the economic downturn.

And Wright will add new lodging accommodations for those passing through the area and those who may begin to see Carbon County as a destination for fun and business, as his new La Quinta Inn opens sometime early next year.

"We are wanting to keep this restaurant as local as we can," said Niederhauser. "We want our long time local customers to feel comfortable in the new place."

For Niederhauser the change in venue is about attracting new business, but keeping with old traditions. He hopes the locals who have been used to stopping for coffee and Sunday afternoon dinners won't change their habits just because the restaurant is not on old Main Street anymore.

"We have poured so much money into that old building, it was about time we made a change," he said. "We have been lucky though, we have had a great landlord there, but with this facility we will own the building."

The new JB's will consist of 4987 square feet of space that will seat 160 people. It will have a good sized parking area and Niederhauser hopes being right behind Gopher Kiatipe's Market Express will help to draw people off the road and into the booths in the establishment.

The restaurant was set to open 100 days after the first shovel of dirt was dug. That means that some time in June the new building will open for business, right at the beginning of the tourist season.

Across the freeway, next to the Holiday Inn and the Super 8 Motel, another well known eating establishment will be opening in July. That is where the Wingers, now under construction, will present a different kind of dining experience for Carbonites and those traveling down the road.

"I'm just a guy that works at Morgantown Machinery in Helper, but I found my dining options in town were so limited that we often went to eat in Provo," said Petersen on the phone Wednesday. "I hope our new place will present some new experiences for those who want to stay here to dine."

Petersen says that the new Wingers will seat 170 people within its 4400 square feet.

"People have been used to Wingers in other places being kind of a diner place, but they are promoting and we are building a new kind of place from those," said Petersen. "This will have a more T.G. I. Fridays appeal. I hate to call it this, but it will be almost a sports bar."

Petersen says that the restaurant will have a full bar and 16 televisions sets in various places around the eating areas.

"It will be different from anything else in Price," he said.

While the lodging business has slowed down in the last six months in Price, where before some lodging properties were booked for months in advance by gas and oil field crews, and now rooms are usually easy to get unless there is some monstrous event going on in town, Wright feels that the future is going to be very good for his new La Quinta Inn.

The new motel will be built next to the Legacy Host Inn on Carbonville Road and will offer pretty much what most upscale motel accommodations provide.

"The facility will have 78 rooms with a swimming pool, meeting rooms and a breakfast room," said Wright on Wednesday. "We will also have an outdoor area for breaks."

Wright said that the lodging facility would have been farther along if it hadn't been for some knocks from the economy, but that Farr West Bank had really stepped up and helped out on the financing.

While some dirt has been moved around on the site, the real construction should begin very soon and Wright hopes the new motel will open next March.

"I just want to say that the delay in the construction has nothing to do with the people we have worked with in Price, they have been great," he remarked.

Wright said that if someone wants to see what the new building will look like and feel like they should visit the La Quinta in Rifle, Colo.

"It is very much a carbon copy of that facility," he said.

The new motel and the two new restaurants will be a good thing for Carbon County which often has facilities packed when events are going on in town, especially when things are happening at the Carbon County Events Center.

It will also add space for when the economy gets back into gear and the energy industry starts to pick up again.

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