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Letter to the editor: Disturbing theft



I am writing on behalf of my elderly ill cousin who recently had his wooden cane purposelyfully stolen by a man in a red pickup truck at the Smith's parking lot on April 3 at 10:57 a.m.

This was a wooden cane hand made by his grandfather and he treasured it. Also, it takes great effort for my cousin to even grocery shop and he was able to go to Smith's to shop this day. When he finished loading his groceries in his car, he rested his cane on the cart and he went back into the store for an item he forgot. He immediately remembered he left it there, told the clerk and she sent a courtesy worker out to get the cane. My cousin immediately asked him if he saw his cane when the courtesy worker came back. The worker did indeed see the cane propped up on the cart, but explained he then saw a man in a red truck and asked him if this was his cane. That man said , "yes" and he took the cane and drove off with it. This was not the fault of the courtesy worker and he felt very sad that this happened.

But, to the man in the red truck, you know that is not your cane, and you took it anyway. And this cane was handmade by my cousin's grandfather; it is irreplaceable in his eyes. Do you not know canes are used by disabled people and this was a nice wooden cane you purposefully stole from a man who needs his cane, and treasured his cane. What an evil act.

I hope you would do the right thing and return the cane to the store or to an authority figure to give it back to my cousin. He has been very upset by this whole incident and can't stop thinking about it.

If anyone has information on this cane, or saw anything, please call the Sun Advocate, leave your phone number and they will contact me. Please help me get my cousin back his cane.

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