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Mine advisory board selected by state labor commission

Sun Advocate editor

On Monday, the Utah Labor Commission announced the appointment of the members selected to serve four-year terms on the technical advisory council for the state's office of coal mine safety.

The office was established in 2008 by the Utah Mine Safety Act and works as an integral partner with all entities of the coal industry and miner certification officials.

The act also establishes the council and defines the categories for individual members appointed by the Utah Labor Commissioner.

The purpose of the council is to maximize coal mine safety and advise the state office on all related issues.

•The voting members appointed to four-year terms on the technical advisory council include:

Mike Dalpiaz, international vice president the United Mine Workers of America.

Steven Childs, Skyline mine.

Don Shelly, Deer Creek mine.

John Byars, manager of engineering, Sufco-Arch Coal.

Jimmy Brock, senior vice president, Consol Energy.

Robert Weyher Jr., president, Utah Mining Association.

Lamar Guymon, Emery County sheriff.

Terri Watkins, chief nursing office, Castleview Hospital.

Walter Arabaz, professor, University of Utah's department of ceology and geophysics.

Kim McCarter, professor, U of U's mining engineering department.

Ralph Sanich, manager of health, safety and training, InterwestMining Company.

Randy Tatton, president, Mining Health and Safety Solutions.

Miles Nelson, associate vice president, College of Eastern Utah's labor commission.

•The non-voting members include:

Sherrie Hayashi, Utah labor commissioner.

Bruce Riches, captain, Utah Department of Public Safety.

John Baza, director, Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining Department of Natural Resources.

J.D. McKenzie, acting branch chief, United States Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management.

Allyn Davis, district nine manager, U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration.

The mine safety advisory council meets quarterly, with the panel's first meeting scheduled April 21 at 11 a.m. at the Utah Labor Commission, located at 160 East 300 South in Salt Lake City.

Agenda items include a review of the Coal Mine Safety Act, a discussion of the safety commission report and recommendations and development of a plan to prioritize as well as implement the recommendations.

Garth Nielsen serves as the director of the Utah Office of Coal Mine Safety.

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