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Rantings and Ravings

Sun Advocate reporter

I have avoided organized Easter egg hunts for over 20 years. The last time I went to one was when my kids were little. The mass start was insane and I think my kids got an egg a piece and I was ready to throw other people's kids out of the way to help keep my own prodigy alive.

I have hidden eggs in my own yard for my kids and others ever since.

But this year I got asked to go take pictures of at least one of the local egg hunts. Since my husband was gone I dragged the grandkids out early on Saturday morning to attend one of these affairs.

The grandkids were excited and ready to go despite the pouring rain. We arrived an hour early due to the information given to me. Getting there early gave me a chance to chat with the organizers. They had been doing the egg hunt for many years.

I give them a lot of credit because despite the weather and many other things, there they were, giving up their time to be with family to give back to the community. I have a feeling this applies to the volunteers for each and every egg hunt in our community.

I was actually starting to feel guilty for feeling so stilted to the whole egg hunt event when a lady came charging up about 45 minutes before the event with a nine year old in tow and announced she had been to another egg hunt already that morning and her child had not gotten his share compared to what she thought the other kids had hauled in. He held up his bag with about nine pieces of candy in it to prove the point.

She wanted to know how many eggs where out on the ground and how many prizes were going to be given out. Satisfied with the answer she got on her cell phone and began calling other family members to join her.

I went out to shoot some photos while the kids began to line up. My grandkids were left to fend for themselves. A wonderful mother offered to help my littlest one in the hunt. I was grateful for her generosity. She wanted to make sure that not only her child found some eggs, but that mine did too. I had not met her before.

Then the event started and in less than three minutes it was over. I don't know when Easter egg hunting had become a contact sport.

Each of my grandkids got about eight eggs and they were happy. I saw mothers with their pockets full of eggs in addition to what their kids had picked up. Their kids were seven or above and seemed old enough to fend for themselves. The kids each had bags full of eggs themselves in addition to what their moms had grabbed for them.

Some of them were making plans for the next hunt even as they looked through their booty for winning tickets for the prizes that were being given out.

Now I admit that most of the kids and families there were in it for the fun of it and I saw a lot of smiles and excited kids having a blast despite the rain. I give a great amount of kudos to the people who put these on year after year.

But those few who don't get that it is for the kids, all the kids, not just yours, I give you a huge thumbs down.

For all of you, over the past several weeks, who have planned these wonderful community events, I am glad my cynicism has not stopped you from keeping these going for the majority of the families. Thanks, my grand kids had a blast and the little one got to meet the "Real" Easter Bunny.

She has not stopped talking about it yet.

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