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Evening of Tributes

Sun Advocate publisher

Saluting and honoring our local heros and patriots

It was an evening of hope, an evening of celebration, and an evening of pride.

In commemoration of 9-11, the City of Price and its entertainment affiliate, The Culture Connection, put together an incredible program of recognition and musical dedication Monday night at the local high school auditorium. Before a standing room capacity crowd, estimated at 1100 people, hundreds of law enforcement officers, emergency services personnel, and military heros were recognized and honored.

According to Madelaine Nyffeler, Culture Committee chairperson and organizer of the event, "there was a feeling of unity and the evening turned out incredibly wonderful." She went on to explain the warm, intimate and appreciation that filled the auditorium.

"We had planned to host an event sometime this year to honor our local firemen and police officers for their daily commitment to our safety, and as the anniversary of 9-11 came closer we decided to plan the celebration in conjunction with the national events," said Nyffeler.

"At first we regretted bringing the program into the auditorium, but with the heavy rains over the weekend, the soggy football field and the threat of more showers we felt we needed to bring it in," explained Nyffeler.

Nyffeler agreed that the program was way too long but, "we had so many volunteers that wanted to perform and David Velasquez, pastor of Castle Valley Family Church, put together such an incredible group of performers we felt we needed to allow everyone to sing and entertain."

In his opening remarks to the law enforcement officers of Carbon County, Mayor Joe Piccolo, said, "As citizens of the city and county we enjoy the kind of safe streets and hometown that other areas are missing out on. The sight of an officer in our hometown is a welcome and pleasant sight. Our security and safety is insured by dedicated professionals who not only handle the local infractions but also put their lives on the line to confront and arrest those who would do us harm."

In addition to all law enforcement officers, Piccolo and Representative Brad King also recognized the ambulance services, EMT's, fire departments and rescue personnel, "who are on call and respond in a moment's notice," added Piccolo. "In every American community large or small there are the valiant few who spend countless hours training to save us from our worse moments and our worse fears."

The last group of heros to be recognized were the numerous service men who were brought to the stage in three groups. Men representing the American Legion Post No. 3, including men who served in both World Wars, the Korean War, Vietnam, and Desert Storm. All branches of the military were represented include Army, Navy, and Marines. The military personnel, as well as the law enforcement officers and safety personnel received many standing ovations as they were honored and recognized.

The musical portion of the celebration was organized by Velasquez and include an incredible lineup of performers and singers. Names like Julia Johnson, Sheree Fitzgerald, Sherry Vlamakis, Masa Fukada, the Brunson Brothers, Marie Griego and Loralee Armstrong highlighted the evening.

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