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SUFCO coal runs plants in eastern Utah

Drive Highway 10 anytime and you will see them. The coal haul trucks that is.

And south of the Hunter Power Plant, just outside of Castle Dale, at times these trucks could appear as a train as much as a string of individual vehicles.

They come north with full loads and flow south with empty beds ready to be filled again. These trucks are the SUFCO trucks.

They are particularly noticable at night or in the early morning hours. Coming off the hill just south of Emery, and descending to near the Sevier County line their lights stretch, at times, almost without end toward I-70.

They often run 24 hours a day along this long, almost straight piece of blacktop, carrying coal to a plant that pulverizes it and blows it into boilers that create 450 megawatts of power that flow through lines that feed to the Wasatch Front.

It is just one little part of the effort that goes into providing power for people who often have little idea of what it takes to get electricity to their homes.

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