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The Wasatch Behind: The Obama drama

Guest contributor

"I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore," Uncle Spud sputtered as he threw a boot at the TV set.

"I thought you voted for Obama," I teased. "You said you wanted a change."

"This isn't the change I voted for," Spud spat. "This new guy has given trillions of my tax dollars to Wall Street and fat cat city bankers while I've lost half of my retirement savings."

"Bummer," I agreed.

"And another thing," Spud growled. "I bought a small house I could afford. And now I get to pay for all those people who bought big houses they couldn't afford. They get to stay in their big houses while I stay in my small house and help them make their payments. It's not fair. I've sacrificed and given up vacations for years to make my house payments and nobody has ever helped me."

"You don't need any help," I assured him. "You're a responsible citizen who pays your bills. You're the kind of guy who should pay more taxes. You know, level the playing field like Obama said. Forty percent of Americans and millions of illegal aliens don't pay any taxes. You should be proud to help them out."

"What is congress doing?" he complained. "They're bankrupting the country."

"They call it a stimulus package," I reminded him. "They're stimulating the Democrat agenda. They're giving themselves all of the goodies the Clintons wanted in the 1990s but couldn't get through congress. Things like a nationalized banking system, a socialized economy, universal health care, massive global warming initiatives and government ownership of AIG."

"Why would congress pay hundreds of billions to own AIG?"

"Rumor has it that AIG takes care of the congressional pension trust fund. We wouldn't want lawmakers to lose any of their retirement money."

"So where is this going?" Spud growled.

"Who knows? Obama, Pelosi, and Harry Reid have two more years until the next election to have things their way. So far they've spent more money in sixty days than the U. S. government has spent since George Washington was president. And that includes the space race, two world wars, the cold war, Lyndon Johnson's war on poverty and Janet Reno's war on Waco. If they keep it up, our whole country will be mortgaged to the Chicoms. The communist red Chinese are buying most of our debt, so far."

"What's the deal with AIG paying millions in bonuses after taking billions in taxpayer's money?"

"The AIG bonus controversy is only a smokescreen," I assured him. "They're trying to keep you distracted so you don't notice that two-thirds of the billions given to AIG went out the back door to foreign banks in Germany, England and France. That's the bigger scandal, and congress is responsible."

"What's the deal with the budget?"

"Obama submitted a budget with the biggest deficit in history. And then politicians from both parties added 9,000 pork projects that had nothing to do with running the country. That added hundreds of billions more to the national debt. But Chuck Schumer said it's okay because Americans don't care."

"I thought Obama promised no more earmarks or pork barrel projects."

"That's what he said during the campaign. But he's president now and he's changed his mind. You didn't expect him to keep his campaign promises, did you?"

"I hope he keeps his promise of no new taxes on people who earn less than $250,000 per year."

"Good luck," I chuckled. "He's planning hefty new taxes on gasoline, imposing a tax on the miles you travel in a year, and adding big new energy taxes for your home. But it's okay because it'll help fight global warming.

"He's also discussing eliminating tax deductions on charitable donations and home mortgage interest, and plans higher taxes on industry and small businesses that are sure to be passed on to every consumer. But it's okay. Joe Biden says paying higher taxes is the patriotic thing to do."

"That's funny," Spud scowled. "At least three of Obama's cabinet nominees are proven tax cheats. And one of those tax cheats is now running the treasury department instead of sitting in jail."

"Look at the bright side," I reminded him. "By shining the light of publicity on just a few of his friends, the president collected $150,000 in delinquent taxes. If he keeps it up, he might be able to fund his whole agenda with what his friends owe the government."

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