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Letter to the Editor: Presentation excellent



After 30 some years of commenting on musical and cultural events, I cannot recall any event more meaningful than the Sunday evening performance of the Rutter Requiem.

A list of descriptive adjectives would have to include: perfect, awesome, studied, dramatic among others. It was perfect, as a result of many weeks of practice and hours of listening to recorded performances by the singers, of famous choral and orchestral groups. This work is one of the most complicated and difficult musical entities of recent composition. This performance consisted of a large choir of highly qualified singers. The Price Civic Chorale, the Carbon High Vocal Jazz, and the CEU Chamber Choir. The title - Requiem - is defined as a musical setting of the repose of the dead.

There were so many outstanding performers in this ensemble that to list them all would be impossible. The clarinet and recorder group which traveled from Moab, the vocal soloists, the French horn players, the demanding soloist in the cello section were excellent. The sensitive and perfect pitch of the violin section were wonderful. The perfectly pitched combined choirs and the expertise of the conductor Russell Wilson was tremendous. All of these were spectacular, and all contributed to the beautiful program at the Carbon High auditorium.

The audience gave the performance a standing ovation, which was well deserved. This was one of the best attended and supported musical offerings in recent years, rivaling the annual Messiah presentation.

I was totally unaware of this requiem and the composer John Rutter, but it made this writer a fan of him as it did many or most of those in attendance. The work was first performed in Texas in 1985 and has grown in popularity ever since.

It is available on CD. We hope to have another presentation of this work soon.

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