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Rantings and Ravings

Sun Advocate writer

The nation's economy is teetering on the edge of disaster. For many who have lost their jobs or their homes, it is already there. I watch with anticipation on how things are being handled to get us on the right track.

Washington politicians seem to keep getting stuck in the same argument on whether it is the right thing to tax the ultra rich more or leave it with them so they can create jobs.

For me, with a small chunk of savings, but not much else, it is easy to say to congress that I want to see the guy with a new worth of six billion get hit hard to make things easier for the rest of us.

Some of the arguments from economist against over taxing the rich almost make some sense to me. So I will just wait things out.

Funding all the stimulus and bailouts scares me. I personally hate being in debt. After getting into financial trouble in the early 80's with husband number one, I have dug myself out and have vowed never to be there again.

So seeing our country head that way over two administrations is alarming. One did it to fund our war. The other is doing it to fund our economy. There are experts that have shown the necessity of both endeavors, but it still feels bad.

Legislators spoke out against the rescue funding. They were mostly, but not all, Republicans. But as the money was doled out many still scrambled after it like kids grabbing candy tossed in the streets during a parade. Dignity was left behind to ensure they got their fair share.

I sure hope the stimulus money helps. I know that many of our state budget woes were eased by the expected influx of cash into our coffers. Our rainy day fund is still pretty much intact.

I give the state legislators much credit for putting together the budget they did in such tough times. Our state constitution forces them to keep a balanced budget and so they had no choice. But, all in all, they did a great job of distributing hard cuts evenly around to keep most programs afloat. No one was spared, but some of the really extreme proposals didn't get off the drawing board either.

So on we go trying to get back into an era of boom and prosperity. Three days of stock market gains sound good, but I fear we still have some bad times to follow. There is no magic bullet.

But just like the winter makes us appreciate the spring, bad times will make a new economic boom seem even sweeter.

Try and survive the ride.

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