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Letter to the editor: Good police department



I wanted to publicly express my appreciation to the Price City Police.

On Feb. 6th I had my purse stolen while I was at a local grocery store. Officer Brandon Sicilia responded quickly and showed concern and even though it was just a purse he seemed to take the situation very seriously. As it turned out several other purses were also stolen that night.

The police reviewed video tapes right away and Officer Kevin Mele recognized one of the individuals. He and Officer Susan Hyde and the East Carbon Police then interviewed the suspects and got them to confess. The suspects also told them where they had dumped the purses and I think it was Sgt. Christensen and Officer Ian Walker who went dumpster diving and retrieved the purses.

The police kept me well informed, even calling me later Friday night to tell me what else had happened and to see how I was doing. Best of all I had my purse back by Sunday and the suspects were in jail.

I commend our whole police force for their quick and diligent action. I would dare say that in other cities my plight would not have been taken so seriously and probably put on the "back burner".

I am glad to have such a great police force protecting us. I really appreciate their efforts and hard work.

I apologize if I left out anyone who also assisted.

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