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Power company stresses exercising caution, applying home electrical safety procedures

Electricity plays an important role in the lives of Carbon County residents.

But when unsafe conditions exist inside a home, electricity can be harmful and children deserve special consideration as well as protection, pointed out Rocky Mountain Power.

It is important for local consumers to remember that there is enough power at every electrical outlet to cause serious injury or even death if proper electrical safety precautions are not taken, stressed the company.

"Parents and caregivers are urged to protect children and other family members from electrical injury by regularly checking to ensure their homes are free from potential hazards," emphasized Mike Felice, Rocky Mountain Power safety director.

"Ensure that safe conditions exist in day care facilities, in hotel rooms when traveling, and in the homes of neighbors and friends where children play. Instruct children at a young age to avoid potential electrical hazards both inside and outside of the home," continued the company's safety representative.

The majority of electrical accidents that occur in the home and the resulting injuries can be avoided by exercising caution around electrical equipment, heeding safety precautions and using common sense, according to the company.

Rocky Mountain Power offered several reminders to people about safely using electricity inside the home:

The power company cautioned local residents to:

•Refrain from overloading electrical circuits.

Overloaded circuits are a common cause of fires.

•Install outlet plug covers if small children live in the house.

•Never use electrical appliances near water.

Hair dryers, radios and other bathroom or kitchen appliances should be kept away from sinks and tubs, emphasized the power company.

•Use extension cords wisely.

People should never exceed the load rating and always dispose of damaged cords.

In addition, people should not use extension cords as a replacement for permanent wiring, indicated the power company.

•Attach extension cords to appliances before plugging into electrical outlets.

•Always disconnect from the outlets by pulling on the plug - not the cord.

•Unplug appliances before attempting repairs or maintenance.

•Use three-pronged grounded plugs only in three-prong outlets.

People should never cut the third prong off a plug.

•Use ground fault circuit interrupters in bathrooms, garages, near kitchen sinks and outdoors.

Ground fault circuit interrupters are outlets with red and black test and reset buttons, explained the power company.

The interrupter outlets are designed to shut off power during a short circuit or grounding event.

•Always turn off circuit breakers and test to make sure they are de-energized before performing any electrical work or projects around the home.

Professional electricians can help ensure that large projects are performed according to electrical codes, pointed out the power company.

For additional information, Carbon County residents with Internet access may visit the company's website at

Local residents may also contact the power company toll-free at 800-375-7085 for free safety materials.

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