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Business is good in Castle Country

While business in many parts of the country and even the state are way down, many in the Castle Country area feel that the business environment here is very good.

Based on national news it would be easy for some businesses to pull in their horns and just wait the recession out, but others are going forward with plans and have positive attitudes about the areas economy.

"We feel very fortunate and very proud of doing business in the Castle Valley," said Market Express co-owner Gopher Kiahtipes in a recent interview. "We are the only locally owned gas station/convenience store left in Price. We're a little player in a big corporate game. Despite the fierce competition we survive and continue to experience growth. Business, by nature, will experience some ups and downs, but we are optimistic for a bright future."

Kiahtipes pointed out that there are many businesses in the area that could probably do better being located other places but prefer to have their operations here. He pointed out that Peczuh Printing gets much of its business from the Wasatch Front. He also pointed to Nelson Construction, Intermountain Electronics, Longwall West, Industrial Electric, Loveless Ash, Tram Electric and Golden West and told interviewers that many of those firms could locate somewhere else but have stayed in the local area.

"These companies pump millions of dollars into our local economy," he stated. "And they employ hundreds of people. Our neighbors run these companies; they live in Carbon and Emery Counties. It's these people that keep the local economic engine running strong."

Others feel the same way. Take Jennifer Thomas for example, one of the owners of Cloyds Floor Store on Main Street in Price. Price's Main Street has very few empty stores; not bad for a town that has survived the ups and downs of the coal booms and busts.

"We had a real successful year in 2008," said Thomas. "In fact we had to have crews come down from Salt Lake to get us through, so we have been able to keep all of our subcontractors busy. Since we have been open we have kept our prices as low as possible so our community doesn't need to drive over the mountain so they don't feel like they are getting ripped off. That's always been our goal since we opened."

She thinks that the reason local stores are still doing well is because they all depend on each other.

"I think we are all protective because we have always had to depend on our own out here for our survival," she stated. "In bigger towns you depend on larger companies; out here we have a lot of small companies, and because of that we are doing well here."

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